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Capacitive Sensor

A capacitive sensor is a proximity sensor that detects nearby objects by their effect on the electrical field created by the sensor

Capacitive Sensor

Capacitive sensors are used for non-contact detection of metallic objects & nonmetallic objects

A capacitive sensor is a proximity sensor that distinguishes adjacent objects by their impact on the electrical field made by the sensor. simple capacitive sensors have been economically accessible for a long time, and have discovered a specialty in non-metallic object detection, yet are restricted to short ranges, normally under 1 cm.

Capacitive sensors have a few resemblances to radar in their capacity to distinguish conductive materials, while seeing through protecting materials, for example, wood or plastic.

At the point when utilized for identifying objects all around a vehicle, a portion of the detriments of the capacitive sensor are less hazardous. A down to earth framework has numerous sensors normally divided around the outside of the vehicle. This implies there is dependably a sensor close by, so no incredible range is required, and items can be generally restricted by which sensor they are identified in. Non-directional reaction is really alluring, since it can distinguish objects that are between sensors however exceptionally near the vehicle.

Applications of Capacitive Sensors

Level Control of Liquids Level Control of Solids Pile-up Control Feed Hopper Level Monitoring
Small Vessel Pump Control Grease Level Monitoring Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Suitable for Use with Chemicals
Pipeline Leak Detection Vessel Leak Detection Position and displacement detection

Advantages of capacitive Sensors

High sensitivity Useful for small system. High frequency Response
Low Power Consumption Less loading effect due to high input impedance.