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Wenglor Sensor

Wenglor Sensor Supplier

Wenglor Photoelectric Sensor, Wenglor Ultrasonic Sensor, Wenglor Inductive Sensor, Wenglor Fluid Sensor

Comprehensive and innovative wenglor Sensors and system, We supply Wenglor Photoelectric Sensor, Wenglor Ultrasonic Sensor, Wenglor Inductive Sensor, Wenglor Fluid Sensor in India for more than decade.

wenglor sensoric is your competent partner for photoelectronic sensors. wenglor diverse range of innovative products provide solutions for complex automation applications. wenglor photoelectronic sensors can detect or count objects without contact, measure distances with high accuracy and identify colors, brightness or luminescence. Various mounting systems allow for easy, flexible installation. Fiber optic cables that can be connected to sensors allow them to be used under extreme conditions or in tight spaces.

Wenglor Photoelectronic Sensors Supplier

Wenglor Photoelectronic Sensors

wenglor ultrasonic sensors are almost completely insensitive to interfering factors (such as extraneous light, dust, smoke, mist, vapor, lint, oily air, etc.). They are best suited for the detection of transparent and dark objects, reflective surfaces, shiny objects and of bulk materials and liquids. Ultrasonic sensors allow for the reliable detection and measurement of objects, independent of their material, color, transparency and texture. wenglor ultrasonic sensors are characterized by their ease of use and excellent technical properties. They send pulsed ultrasonic waves of a certain frequency and determine the objects distance from the duration of the ultrasound that it reflects. The output switches if the specified switching point is reached. The measured value is output as a voltage value (0...10 V/4...20 mA) or in digital form (IO-Link).

Wenglor Ultrasonic Sensors Supplier

Wenglor Ultrasonic Sensors

wenglor inductive sensors are suitable for a wide variety of applications thanks to the variety of designs, housing materials and operating principles in the range. They are characterized by their high switching distances. This allows various standard applications to be covered by just one design. Thanks to the lack of moving parts, these sensors are maintenance-free, wear-free, waterproof and resistant to dirt and shocks. They are short-circuit proof and can also be installed in any position. The service life of the sensors is not dependent on the switching frequency or number of measurement cycles. An LC resonant circuit is arranged under the active surface of the inductive sensors. The electromagnetic field generated by this is affected when metals approach it (e.g. steel, aluminum, or brass). The output switches as soon as the metal reaches the set switching distance.

Wenglor Inductive Sensors Supplier

Wenglor Inductive Sensors

wenglor’s fluid sensor technology covers a broad range of more than 900 products including flow, pressure and temperature sensors. Flow sensors ascertain the speed at which liquid media flow within closed systems and determine temperature as well. Pressure sensors measure the relative pressure of any desired media in closed systems. Temperature sensors determine the temperature of liquid and gaseous media, and permit reliable temperature monitoring within processes.

weFlux² flow and temperature sensors are equipped with a rugged V4A stainless steel housing with integrated analysis module. The FDA-compliant sensors intentionally refrain from the use of a display in order to be ideally suited for strict requirements in hygienically sensitive industrial areas. weFlux² Sensors are EHEDG-certified in combination with selected process connectors.

UniFlow, UniBar and UniTemp sensors are extremely user-friendly thanks to their uniform design, control and connection concepts. In particular the large 7-segment display ensures easy, intuitive Operation.

Wenglor Fluid Sensors Supplier

Wenglor Fluid Sensors