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Types of pressure measurements

Different pressure types can be absolute, gauge, sealed gauge, and differential pressure.

Types of pressure measurements

Pressure sensors can be grouped as far as pressure ranges they measure, temperature scopes of activity, and above all the sort of pressure they measure. Pressure sensors are differently named by their motivation, yet a similar innovation might be utilized under various names.

Absolute pressure sensor

This sensor measures the pressure relative to perfect vacuum.

Gauge pressure sensor

This sensor gauges the pressure comparative with air pressure. A tire pressure check is a case of check pressure estimation; when it demonstrates zero, at that point the pressure it is estimating is equivalent to the surrounding pressure.

Vacuum pressure sensor

This term can cause perplexity. It might be utilized to portray a sensor that estimates pressures underneath environmental pressure, indicating the distinction between that low pressure and air pressure, yet it might likewise be utilized to depict a sensor that estimates supreme pressure comparative with a vacuum.

Differential pressure sensor

This sensor measures the difference between two pressures, one connected to each side of the sensor. Differential pressure sensors are used to measure many properties, such as pressure drops across oil filters or air filters, fluid levels (by comparing the pressure above and below the liquid) or flow rates (by measuring the change in pressure across a restriction). Technically speaking, most pressure sensors are really differential pressure sensors; for example a gauge pressure sensor is merely a differential pressure sensor in which one side is open to the ambient atmosphere.

Sealed pressure sensor

This sensor is similar to a gauge pressure sensor except that it measures pressure relative to some fixed pressure rather than the ambient atmospheric pressure (which varies according to the location and the weather).

Pressure Application Examples

TypeDefinitionApplication Examples
GaugeReference to atmospheric pressure.Car Tyre
Water Level Measurement
Chamber Pressure
Hydraulic Applications
SealedReferenced to a sealed chamber closed with atmospheric pressure (approximately 1bar).For use in Aggressive Media
Industrial Applications
Washdown Environments
Food and Beverage
AbsoluteThe reference is a vacuum (0bar or no pressure).Barometric
Weather Stations and Meteorological Applications
DifferentialMeasuring the difference between two pressure port readings.Filter and Pump Monitoring
Air Conditioner
HVAC Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning
Clean Room Monitoring

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