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Turck Sensors

Render Automation Pvt. Ltd. deal with all kinds of Turck Sensors

Turck Sensors provide important information for almost all areas of industrial automation, such as digital and analog signals on positions, currents, flow rates, temperatures, distances, and angles. As a Turck is co-founder and pioneer of modern sensor technology, Turck offer the appropriate range of products for these purposes. You can choose from more than 5,000 proximity switches, photoelectric, flow and position sensors to implement your made-to-measure solutions.

Turck Inductive Sensors

Turck Inductive Sensors supplier

Inductive sensors detect metal objects contactless and wear-free. For this, they use a high-frequency electromagnetic AC field that interacts with the target. Their strengths are the enormous durability, reliability, high switching frequencies and a long service life. Through a unique coil concept the uprox® sensors offer the highest switching distance, factor 1 for all metals and, right from the start, the highest operational safety through simple and safe installation.

Turck Capacitive Sensors

Turck Capacitive Sensors supplier

Capacitive sensors work contactless, reactionless and wear-free. Thanks to their high sensitivity and the ability to detect electrically conductive as well as non-conductive objects, they can be used in many different applications. They even detect levels of liquids or solids. In addition to position measurement, further important application areas are overflow protection, dry run protection of pumps and leakage detection.

Turck Magnetic Sensors

Turck Magnetic Sensors supplier

Magnetic field sensors are used in particular for contactless detection of the piston position in pneumatic cylinders. Using a patented operating principle, our magnetic field sensors detect permanent magnets of different strength attached to the piston in all common cylinders error-free. The sensors operate wear-free, are short-circuit proof, rugged and IP67 rated. We also offer solutions for use in welding or hazardous areas as well as for analog queries.

Turck Ultrasonic Sensors

Turck Ultrasonic Sensors supplier

Ultrasonic sensors detect a multitude of objects contactless and wear-free with ultrasonic waves. It does not matter whether the object is transparent or opaque, metallic or non-metallic, firm, liquid or powdery. Our ultrasonic sensors are available in many different designs, ranges, cone angles and output types. Most of them feature temperature compensation, noise suppression and a connection cable for auto-synchronization.

Turck Photoelectric Sensors

Turck Photoelectric Sensors supplier

Photoelectric sensors and systems use visible or infrared light to detect many different kinds of objects without contact, regardless of their material, quality and consistency. Whether standard or programmable multifunctional versions, compact devices or devices with external amplifier etc., each sensor has special features suited for different applications – with us you find the largest range of photoelectric solutions worldwide.

Turck Radar Sensors

Turck Radar Sensors supplier

The radar sensors of the QT50 and Q120 series can be used under almost all environmental and climatic conditions. They use FMCW technology (Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave) to detect stationary and moving objects, such as cranes, cars, trains, trucks and cargo.

Turck Linear Position Sensors

Turck Linear Position Sensors supplier

Path measurement can be solved with various sensors. The inductive linear position sensors operate contactless and wear-free according to a revolutionary measuring principle. The position is not detected via a positioning magnet but via an oscillating RLC circuit. The product portfolio comprises magnetostrictive linear position sensors for position tracking in hydraulic cylinders or encoders for the tracking of floats as well as draw-wire sensors. Over a length of up to 40 meters, path information is transmitted in a highly precise and dynamic manner to the higher-level controller via digital and analog interfaces.

Turck Encoder Sensors

Turck Encoder supplier

The contactless encoders Ri360P-QR24 and Ri360P-QR20 make no compromises in terms of ruggedness and resolution and are suited to all those applications where rotation speeds, sense, position, angle and lengths have to be captured. These series are wear-free and will withstand even the harshest environmental conditions. Our range provides encoders in a wide variety of designs, graduated in a range of sizes from 24 mm up to 102 mm diameter, as versions for incremental or absolute position detection, and as hollow or solid shaft variants; they can be used to easily and reliably perform positioning tasks with a resolution of up to 18 bits for absolute encoders and of up to 36,000 pulses per revolution for incremental encoders.

Turck Inclination Sensors

Turck Inclination Sensors supplier

Our rugged inclinometers of the Q20L60 and Q42 series capture almost any inclination and can also be used in systems implementing fast motions or subjected to shocks. We offer sensors for angular ranges of ±10°, ±45°, ±60° and ±85° as well as with freely selectable measuring range 0…360°. The following output variants are available: 4…20 mA, 0.1…4.9 V, 0…10 V, PNP/NPN window as NC or NO contact, IO-Link, CANopen.

Turck Pressure Sensors

Turck Pressure supplier

Our pressure sensors detect relative or absolute pressures in liquids and gases. The PS series offers pressure sensors with display and various output variants (switching and analog output) and communication via IO-Link. The PT series includes pressure sensors without display with analog output for media temperatures up to -125 °C. The PC series offers communication via IO-Link. The sensors of the PK-series are especially designed for pneumatic and vacuum applications.

Turck Temperature Sensors

Turck Temperature Sensors supplier

Our product portfolio guarantees maximum flexibility for temperature measurement. The temperature sensors of the TS series offer tailor-made solutions by simple programming, flexible process connections and displays. The TTM/TTMS series includes a number of compact sensors - optionally with integrated probe or with M12 connector for separate probes. The T-Gage infrared sensors contactlessly measure temperatures from 0 to 300 °C. The TP-series includes temperature probes in various lengths and diameters.

Turck Flow Sensors

Turck Flow supplier

Flow monitoring

Flow monitoring is a procedure that demands a reliable and reproducible surveillance of limit values and flow patterns. Flow sensors detect critical deviations of the flow rate of liquid and gaseous media. Typical areas of application are the monitoring of cooling circuits in welding applications for example, protection against dry running of pumps, as well as the flow monitoring in air ducts and air conditioning equipment. Because of the calorimetric mode the media temperature is also monitored.

Flow rate measurement

In addition to reproducibility, flow-rate measurement demands a defined degree of accuracy. The flow meters continuously and accurately measure a defined volume of a fluid per unit of time and are suitable for applications where qualitatively consistent process results and a steady supply of fluids is essential. We offer flow meters with calorimetric, magnetic-inductive and Vortex measurement principle for various areas of application.


TURCK BI4-M12-AP6X-H114146070
TURCK BI5-G18-Y1X40150
TURCK BI15-CK40-LIU-H11411537800
TURCK BI10-M30-AZ3X43164
TURCK BIM-EM12E-Y1X1070036
TURCK BI4-G12-ADZ32X-B31314205301
TURCK BI20-G47-AZ3X13088
TURCK BI2U-EG08-AP6X4602032
TURCK BI5U-M18-AP6X-H11411635140
TURCK MS24-112-R518003
TURCK WKC4.324T-P7X2-6/TXL6629222
TURCKBI15-M30-AP6X 7M4618532