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Telecrane Radio Remote Control

Render Technology Solutions deal with all kinds of Telecrane Radio Remote Controls

Render Technology Solutions deal with all kinds of Telecrane Products

Telecrane series have been used in crane industry for purpose of high quality, safe and reliable, for controlling hoists, monorails, concrete pump trucks, and cranes.

Telecrane remote controls are easy to install and easy to use. Telecrane remote controls enable the operation of machinery from a safe operating distance. This is important especially when operating lifting equipment. The operator can be at a safe distance and also have the flexibility to move around, providing better visibility of the load.

  • F21-2S: 1-Speed , 2 buttons+ magnetic key
  • F21-2D: 2-Speed, 2 buttons+ magnetic key
  • F21-4S: 1-Speed, 4 buttons+ E-stop+Start
  • F21-4D: 2-Speed, 4 buttons+ E-stop+Start
  • F21-E1: 1-speed, 6 buttons+ E-stop+Start
  • F23-A++: 1-speed, 10 buttons+ stop+Start
  • F24-6S:1-speed, 6 buttons+E-stop+start+spare
  • F24-6D:2-speed, 6 buttons+E-stop+start+spare
  • F24-8S:1-speed, 8 buttons+E-stop+start+spare
  • F24-8D:2-speed, 8 buttons+E-stop+start+spare
  • F24-10S:1-speed, 10 buttons+E-stop+start+spare
  • F24-10D:2-speed, 10 buttons+E-stop+start+spare
  • F24-12S:1-speed, 12 buttons+E-stop+start+spare
  • F24-12D:2-speed, 12 buttons+E-stop+start+spare
  • F24-60: double joystick controller

F-21 Series

Low cost/compact size radio control best for chain hoist and mobile equipment/PLC, Conveyors

F-24 Series

Telecrane F-24 Series Radio Control system best for crane/mobile/forestry application/ lift equipment

F-24-60 Double Joystick

F-24-60 Double Joystick Radio control system best for overhead crane/concrete pumps truck, Self effecting Cranes.

F-25 Series

Telecrane F-25 Series Radio control System best for overhead crane/concrete pump trucks