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SEW India

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SEW is a leading German manufacturer brand of motor, Frequency inverters, Gearmotor. We are SEW Motor supplier in India, we supply products like sew motor, sew gearmotor, sew inverter in India

SEW Motors

The abbreviation SEW in the name SEW-EURODRIVE stands for "Süddeutsche Elektromotorenwerke" (German for Southern German Electric Motor Plants). Electric motors in various designs still are the basis of our drive technology: From energy-efficient motors, hygienic or explosion-proof designs, linear motors or electric cylinders, certainly have just the motor solution you need.

SEW AC motors

DR.. (single-speed) AC motors
Pole-changing DRS../DR2S.. AC motors (2 speeds)
DR...J AC motors with LSPM technology
DRM../DR2M.. torque motors
DRL../DR2L.. asynchronous servomotors
DRK.. single-phase motors
DAS.. aseptic motors
EDR.. explosion-proof motors

SEW Servomotors

CMP.. synchronous servomotors (high dynamics)
CM.. synchronous servomotors (high inertia)
CM3C.. synchronous servomotors (medium inertia)
DRL../DR2L.. asynchronous servomotors
CMP.. explosion-proof motors

SEW Linear motors

SL2 synchronous linear servomotors
Electric cylinders standard CMS.. and modular CMSM..

SEW Frequency inverters

As one of the leading manufacturers of drive technology, SEW also provide the right inverter technology for their mechanical components. SEW develop and produce drive and frequency inverters for controlling drive trains in machines and systems. And do this for central installations in the control cabinet or for wall mounting just as do for decentralized installation.

Frequency inverters for control cabinet installation

From basic inverters, to standard inverters or application inverters, to modular servo inverters, we offer you an extensive range of drive electronics – for decentralized installation in control cabinets or switch boxes:

Frequency inverters for wall mounting

An additional lower-priced option for centrally installing frequency inverters is wall mounting. This solution should always be considered if you wish to avoid purchasing an expensive control cabinet.

Motor starters for decentralized installation

Is an inverter function alone sufficient for your application? Or do you simply want to switch a motor on and off or change the direction of rotation of a motor from left to right? If so, the SEW‑EURODRIVE range also has the right products for you:

Frequency inverters for decentralized installation

Our portfolio includes an extensive range of frequency inverters for mounting your drive electronics close to the motor or gearmotor: from basic inverters with parameterizable ramps for heavy-duty use in simple applications to standard inverters for more extensive control functions to fully programmable application inverters for complex system architectures.

SEW Gearmotor

gearmotor modular system is oriented towards the diversity of your application areas. Chose your ideal drive from standard, servo, adjustable, stainless steel, or explosion-proof gearmotors.

Standard gearmotors

Standard gearmotors feature an impressive variety of types, the ideal graduation over a multitude of sizes, and the widest range of designs. That makes them an essential heavy-duty drive that is especially suited for production and logistics. Depending on the level of gear unit graduation, they can achieve high torques of up to 50,000 Nm.

Servo gearmotors

Power, speed, and precision These are the key features of servo gearmotors. Here too, our modular system is the key to unlocking extensive combination options and makes the most diverse variety of gear unit and motor constellations in this field possible. The ideal gearmotor can be created for every requirement. Whether you combine our PF.. planetary servo gear unit or BF.. helical servo gear unit with CMP synchronous servomotors, DRL.. asynchronous servomotors, or DR.. AC motors: Every time, the special interplay between motor and gear unit gives you the exact drive response tailored to your application and requirements.

Variable speed gearmotors

For applications in which the drive speed has to be seamlessly adjusted, our mechanical variable speed gearmotors come into play. These are the type of requirements for simple conveyor belts or agitators, for instance, with speed levels that constantly have to be adapted to different process sequences. The speed can be seamlessly adjusted either using a handwheel or remote control.

Stainless steel gearmotors

For applications in cleaning-intensive hygiene areas, the gearmotor has to endure the chemicals used and moisture. Our acid and alkaline-resistant stainless steel gearmotors are designed for exactly this purpose. Their surface, which is optimized for cleaning, and their fanless design also ensures that no dirt can become lodged in any recesses.