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SENSTRONIC designs and manufactures detection-based solutions and the associated connectors for control equipment and vehicles. Senstronic manufacture Inductive Proximity Sensors , Capacitive Proximity Sensors, Magnetic Proximity Sensors, Opto-Electronic Proximity Sensors, Splitting Systems, We supply Senstronic products in India

Inductive Proximity Sensors

These sensors detect (without contact) the presence of metal objects. The applications are diverse: rotation control, counting, positioning, presence of parts, etc. Diversity: the SENSTRONIC range uses advanced technologies (AIS, SFS, high pressure, etc.) to achieve remarkable performance.

  • offer high impact resistance,
  • operate in dirty or aggressive environments,
  • can withstand high pressure,
  • can withstand high levels of electromagnetic interference.

Capacitive proximity sensors

These sensors detect (without contact) objects of all kinds (liquids, pastes, powders, bulk solids), whether conductive or not. From the detection of parts to level checking in a tank, capacitive sensor technology has provided excellent results in the food processing, pharmaceutical, cosmetics or automotive industries.

  • operate in hostile industrial environments,
  • can withstand high levels of electromagnetic interference,
  • are IP67 rated.

Magnetic proximity sensors

These sensors use a Hall effect sensor, a magnetoresistive sensor or a REED switch. When a magnet (magnetic field) is brought into the vicinity of these sensitive elements the electrical properties of the elements are changed.
Magnetic sensors are mainly used on special purpose machinery, in automatic controls and for packaging and conveyor systems. They are particularly suited to cylinders with integrated detection.

  • have a very high switching frequency,
  • can withstand high temperatures,
  • display their status with a LED.
  • Sensor Position is indexed.