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Semikron India

Semikron is a manufacturer of power semiconductors (from 2kW to 10MW). This German company has been operating on the market since 1951.

We supply Semikron products in India, we supply products like Semikron bridge rectifiers, Semikron diodes, Semikron thyristors, Semikron IGBT modules and drivers, Semikron MOSFET modules, Semikron diode and diode-thyristor modules, Semikron rectifier modules.

Semikron IGBT Modules

IGBT modules for maximum performance

SEMIKRON offers IGBT (Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistor) modules in SEMITRANS, SEMiX, SKiM, MiniSKiiP and SEMITOP packages in different topologies, current and voltage ratings. Starting from 4A to 1400A in voltage classes from 600V to 1700V, the IGBT modules are used in a variety of applications and feature key technologies such as sintering, spring or press-fit contacts for quick and easy assembly. Different topologies are available - CIB (converter inverter brake), half-bridge, H-bridge, sixpack, 3-level and many more, covering almost every application field. Featuring the latest IGBT chips in combination with SEMIKRON’s CAL diode technology. The latest IGBT generation 7 is now also available in SEMIKRON power modules. It provides higher power densities and delivers the new benchmark, especially in motor drive and solar applications.

Scalable without Compromise

Semikron MiniSKiiP

Benefits TThe unique mechanical feature of MiniSKiiP modules is the outstandingly easy assembly and service friendly spring contact technology. Compared to conventional solder or press-fit modules, where specific equipment (automated presses, wave soldering machine) is required, no dedicated tools are needed for MiniSKiiP assembly. Instead, a single or a two screw connection is used.
The printed circuit board (PCB), the power module and the heat sink are assembled in one mounting step. This connection technology features a number of additional advantages: the PCB can be more flexible in design, as the printed circuit board does not need to include holes for solder pins or pressfit connections. The springs provide a flexible connection between the PCB and the power circuitry which is far superior to a soldered joint, particularly under thermal or mechanical stress conditions which can affect lifetime. Thanks to the high mechanical pressure provided by the springs, an air-tight, reliable electrical connection is achieved.

MiniSKiiP® Short Facts

  • MiniSKiiP in 6 different housings
  • Low-cost assembly, high production run rate, high yield
  • Small and compact system designs
  • Excellent reliability and long product life time
  • Up to 110kW Motor Drive power, 250kW Solar inverter power and 100kVA UPS power

MiniSKiiP® Key Features

  • Solder-free SPRiNG technology for fast and easy assembly
  • Without copper baseplate for cost efficient designs and high thermal performance
  • Easy and flexible PCB routing without pin holes
  • Comprehensive setup of topologies: CIB, Sixpack, Twelvepacks, H-bridge, Half-Bridge, 3-level NPC/TNPC/ANPC,  boost topologies (boost chopper, Flying Capacitor Boost, Symmetrical Boost), bridge rectifiers

MiniSKiiP® Applications

With two decades of field experience and more than 45 million modules in the field, this module platform has proven successful in all standard applications. Key applications include all kinds of inverters, such as motor and servo drives, solar inverters with 1000VDC and 1500VDC, UPS systems and welding machines. Thanks to the excellent reliability of spring contacts, applications such as agricultural vehicles or yaw and pitch drives in wind turbines benefit from MiniSKiiP technology as well.

Flexible and high performance product for a comprehensive portfolio

Semikron SEMITOP

Benefits The SEMITOP platform centers around 12-mm-high modules, covering the low and medium-power range, with one or two mounting screws and no baseplate, featuring PCB interface via solder or press-fit pins. The low commutation inductance design and the choice of the latest Si and SiC chip technologies make this product suitable for UPS and solar applications, motor drives, power supplies, welding and the new EV battery charger market. A large variety of configurations is possible within the SEMITOP family, including 3-level (NPC/TNPC) and CIB (converter-inverter-brake) topologies.

SEMITOP® Short Facts

  • 12mm module height
  • Reliable solder or press-fit connection
  • Low stray inductance case
  • Optimised thermal performance

SEMITOP® Key Features

  • No baseplate
  • Complex configurations possible
  • Different chip technologies and manufacturers available
  • Optmised system costs

SEMITOP® Applications

The SEMITOP family features a cost effective design. This product generation is designed for the low and medium power range of up to 200kW following the latest introduction of the SEMITOP E family. The scope this gives for compact and low inductance designs, coupled with the latest chip technologies and different topologies, makes the two platforms suitable for different markets such as UPS, solar, motor drives, power supplies and the new, emerging EV battery charger market.

Low inductance package design down to 10nH


Benefits SEMITRANS 2-9 feature well-proven designs that come from over 30 years of market experience, but are still suitable for the latest generation of chips, including silicon carbide, thanks to its low-inductance design. SEMITRANS 10 takes the power range into the realm of megawatt applications, not only with half-bridge, but also in 3-level topologies for wind and solar applications. SEMITRANS 20 serves low and medium-voltage applications with a low-inductance and easy-to-parallel power module design. With its advanced technologies such as sintered chips and AlCu bond wires, it boasts up to 5 time more lifetime than standard modules.

SEMITRANS® Short Facts

  • Safe operation with high DC-link voltages
  • Maximum power output
  • Multiple IGBT sources

SEMITRANS® Key Features

  • Half-bridge, Chopper, Single Switch, 3-Level, AC switch
  • Isolated copper baseplate using DBC technology
  • With integrated gate resitor
  • High isolation voltage
  • Available from 600V up to 3300V

SEMITRANS® Applications

SEMITRANS power modules are designed for a broad range of applications such as motor drives, regenerative inverters, power supplies or traction applications. The long service life is perfectly suited to ambitious applications such as AC drives, switched reluctance and DC motors.