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Schneider Electric Supplier

Render Technology Solutions deal with all kinds of Schneider Products

Schneider Boxes, Cabling and Interfaces

Harmony XAW ATEX D
Harmony XALE Harmony XALE
Harmony XALG Harmony XALG
Harmony XALF Harmony XALF
Control Stations Harmony XALD, XALK
Harmony XAC Harmony XAC
Harmony XAP, XB2 SL Harmony XAP, XB2 SL
Metal enclosures, for Harmony XB4

Schneider Contactors and Protection Relays

TeSys D
TeSys F TeSys F
TeSys K TeSys K
TeSys B TeSys B
TeSys K, D, SK (auxiliary contactors)
TeSys LT47 TeSys LT47
TeSys LR9 – LR9D / LR9F
TeSys LR2K TeSys LR2K

Schneider Enclosures and Accessories

Cellean enclosure
Spacial SM
Spacial SF
Spacial CRN
Spacial S3D
Spacial S3X
Spacial SMX
Spacial SFX

Schneider Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)

Maximise your operators’ efficiency with the new-generation HMI configuration software, providing a best-in-class user experience.

Schneider Industrial Communication

One network for all applications and communication services, Network for machines and installations

Interface, Measurement and Control Relays

Monitoring and Control Relays, Near Field Communication and conventional Timer Relays

Schneider Measurement and Instrumentation

Flow and density measurement of liquid, gas and steam, Sensors, analyzers and transmitters for on-line liquid analytical measurements

Schneider Motion Control and Robotics

Portal axes with fixed axis body, Cantilever and telescope axes with moving axis body, Linear tables for high-precision positioning.

Schneider Motor Starters and Protection Components

Get the bill of material you need to protect and control your electrical motor by selecting either a contactor, soft-starter or drive.