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pulsotronic sensor

Render Technology Solutions deal with all kinds of pulsotronic products

Render Technology Solutions deal with all kinds of pulsotronic Products

pulsotronic inductive sensor

Pulsotronic provides an extensive assortment of inductive proximity switches. This sensor type principally is used for applications demanding great reliability, high switching speed as well as high switching frequencies and longevity. Our product range includes cylindrical sensors from G3 to M40 and square sensors in dimensions 5x5mm and 80x80mm.

pulsotronic specials

Independent to your demands or the used sensor technology, we develop and produce systems that are especially adapted to your application. Advantages:

  • Adaptation to your application
  • Simplification of Installation
  • Extended technical specification
  • Cost reduction

pulsotronic Capacitive Sensors

Contactless capture of random objects. Our offer includes forms at Ø8mm till 25x30mm ashlar. Typical application range are wood-, paper-, glass-, plastic-, food and chemical industy

Hall / Reed / Magnet

Magnetoresistive sensors are gaining more and more importance in the contactless detection of mechanical parameters. The maximum switching frequency of our senors is at 20kHz. We manufacture cylindrical sensors in dimensions M12 to M18. Custom-made housings according to your requirements are also part of our product range.

pulsotronic optical sensor

The comprehensive program of optoeclectronical sensors comprised light sensors, light barriers, fork light barriers and colour sensors. Optical sensors react on reflexion or heasitation of lights through capture objects. The power of this sensors high coverage till 100m and switching speed till 500kHz.

pulsotronic Ultrasonic Sensors

Ultrasonic sensors detect solid or fluid targets on great distance - without any dependency on the characteristics of the surface. The sensors are equipped with teach-in functions and different interfaces. Pulsotronic ultrasonic sensors stand out for their high resolution of max. 0,2mm, optimum precision and large sensing ranges.

pulsotronic Touch Sensors

Touch sensors are mechanical precision switches with an accuracy until 0.5 µm. Our product range includes sensors in size M5 till M12. Optionally, there is a transistor output possible.

pulsotronic Connectors

In automation technology, switching systems are local connections between periphery and superior control. Pulsotronic offers a wide range of M5, M8 and M12 switches with its corresponding connectors.