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mdexx Winding Goods

Electrical loads, such as automation or data processing equipment, are extremely sensitive to the RFI-voltage or deviation of the voltage from the sinusoidal wave. The availability of such equipment is increased by installing reactors and filters, which can be modified for consistency with the equipment requirements. mdexx reactors and filters are applied as a cross-sector solution to reduce oscillation while increasing the availability of equipment and devices

With power supplies mdexx offers a wide range of upscale products. The complete type series guarantee consistent voltage and minimize downtimes as they cover relevant input voltages used across the globe.


mdexx TRANSFORMERS supplier

The series of single and three-phase mdexx transformers from 16 kVA power combine all the features of safety, isolating, control or separating transformers. They master every application with flying colors. Our single and three-phase mdexx power transformers are used as separating, matching, auto- or converter-transformers > 16 kVA according to EN 60076. mdexx transformers meet the highest requirements and fulfil the strictest guidelines regarding the required safety. Thanks to the particularly high permissible ambient temperatures of up to 55 ° C (also higher depending on customer requirements), their fuseless construction and the integrated safety standard according to EN 61558, mdexx transformers <16 kVA always provide optimum protection in a wide range of applications.

Transformers from 0,025kVA to 250kVA, in accordance with EN 61558/EN 60076 with selectable primary and secondary voltages and additional options.

Transformers from 0,16 kVA to 400kVA, in accordance with EN 61558/EN 60076 with selectable primary and secondary voltages and additional options.


mdexx REACTORS supplier

It is known that disturbances in the supply network can be extremely costly. With the backdrop of energy market liberalization and the rising share of non-linear consumers in the grid, supply problems have increased in recent years.
Consumers such as automation systems or data processing systems are extremely sensitive to radio interference voltages or a deviation of the mains voltage from the sinusoidal profile.

Reduction of harmonics in the power system and of current rise speeds in the input circuit of the converter.

Increase of motor service life. Increase of system availability, option of using longer motor cables.

mdexx filters

mdexx filters supplier

It is common knowledge that faults in the mains can be extremely costly. In recent years, the liberalization of the power market and a growing proportion of non-linear loads in the network have led to an increase in supply problems. Loads, such as automation systems or data-processing installations, are highly sensitive to RF interference voltages or deviations of the mains voltage from the sinusoidal waveform. The availability of such systems and installations is increased by reactors and filters that are, optimally adapted to the given requirements, mdexx reactors are used in all industries to reduce harmonics and to increase availability of plants and equipment.

Reduction of the voltage rise speed at the motor terminals.

Motor supply with almost sinusoidal-like current and voltage. Increase of the motor service life and system availability.