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MBS AG Products

Render Technology Solutions deal with all kinds of MBS AG Products

MBS AG ranks with the most innovative companies in Germany

  • Current transformers for industry
  • New current transformers series CTB New current transformers series CTB
  • Current transformers for tariffs
  • Medium-voltage transformers
  • Additional products
  • Bus bar isolators / -supports
  • Shunts
  • Voltage transformers
  • CCT
  • Measuring transducers
  • Energy meters
  • Accessories for energy meters
  • {Schaltschrank-Klimatisierung}

Current transformers for industry

    MBS AG, ‘Sulzbach Messwandler’ manufacture currently over 9500 low voltage current transformers of the series 0.5 with a max.

New current transformers series CTB

At the beginning of the year 2010, the MBS AG, ‘Sulzbach Messwandler’ has inaugurated in their product range a new current transformer.

Current transformers for tariffs

Apart of a large range of standard current transformers in the accuracy classes 0.5 and 1, the MBS AG, ‘Sulzbach Messwandler’ manufacture.

Medium-voltage transformers

MBS AG has been producing not only its already very extensive range of low-voltage current transformers.

Bus bar isolators / -supports

Accessories such as bus bar isolators and bus bar supports are an intregral part of MBS AG, ‘Sulzbach Messwandler’ supply program.


Shunts are being used for the indirect monitoring of high electrical currents. The production of the shunts conform to the requirements of DIN 43704

Voltage transformers

The MBS’s AG, ‘Sulzbach Messwandler’ delivery program includes also a large range of voltage transformers, available isolated in 1 or 2 poles up to 1000 V.


This sensor also has a semiconductor element and integrated control electronics. This makes it possible to measure currents in a working frequency range, depending on the model, from 0 ... 100 kHz.