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Level Sensor with Probe

Intelligent solutions for level and point level measurement

Level Sensor with Probe

A level probe is a specific type of level sensor used to measure the level or vertical height of a liquid in a water reservoir, tank or vessel. Level probes are available in many different forms.

Continuous level measurement and point level detection in liquids and solids with capacitance probes

A pressure transmitter will measure the weight force of any media, e.g. groundwater, above it. This weight force can be imagined as a water column “standing” on top of the level probe. The water column causes pressure on the transmitter and this pressure is proportional to the water level.

Industrial applications of Level Sensor with Probe

Tank level monitoring in chemical Tank level monitoring in Food Tank level monitoring in Water Treatment
power Industry brewery Industry

How Level Sensor With Probe Function

Liquid level sensors have been available in markets around for decades like food and drink, manufacturing, therapeutic and household, printing, and agriculture, automotive and white goods for leak recognition or level capacity. Some tool manufacturers may also be amazed at both the variety and intellect of level sensing choices available on the market. Developments that used to occupy expensive pieces of apparatus can now be attained using original, innovative and clever technologies that can be expensive, dependable, strong, highly precise and easy to install. Liquids that have historically been known to be enormously challenging to sense like soap containing bubbles or foam, milk, and sticky materials such as ink and glue are now showing possible and easier to notice with the different types of level sensors available. This article will explain the most general kinds of level sensors obtainable on the market today.

Brands provide Level Sensor with Probe

For industrial applications, the use of capacitive fill level sensors is a proven, universal and cost-efficient technique measuring the fill level and limit level of liquids, bulky goods, pastes, adhesives and chemically aggressive materials.

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Whether for continuous level measurement, point level measurement or both – SICK offers a wide range of solutions for process engineering, storage, and protection. Based on the installation situation, medium properties, and ambient conditions, SICK provides sensors that ensure efficient processes.

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Capacitance level measurement with Liquicap is a simple and cost-effective solution which offers a wealth of possibilities for level monitoring in liquids. Particularly in small tanks and build-up forming media.

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