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IFM Level Sensor

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IFM Level sensor

IFM Level sensor

  • High reliability due to the elimination of mechanical components
  • Different function principles: Guided wave radar, capacitive and hydrostatic
  • Devices for limit level detection or continuous level measurement
  • Clearly visible LED display
  • Suitable for all common industrial and process fluids

IFM Level sensor Programme

Electronic level sensors monitor filling levels of liquids or bulk materials in containers, tanks and silos. Even critical process conditions such as emptying a hydraulic tank or the unintentional overspill of a tank are monitored using level sensors. The ifm product range includes units for continuous level measurement or point level detection. Depending on the application, different measuring principles such as capacitive, guided wave radar or hydrostatic level measurement are offered. For non-contact level detection, photoelectric distance sensors or 3D camera systems can be used. Build-up and wear often lead to failures, in particular if mechanical switches are in contact with the medium. The electronic ifm sensors can do without any mechanical parts or floats. This makes the sensors especially robust and reliable. Further advantages of electronic sensors are the local level indication and easy switch point setting via pushbuttons.

IFM Level sensor - Capacitive non-contact level measurement

  • Continuously measuring level from outside
  • No stress caused by the medium thanks to non-contact detection
  • Three point level sensors in one unit
  • Deposits can be detected and signalled to improve quality of the process
  • Linking several KQ10 via IO-Link

IFM Level sensor - Use in cleaning agents, coolants and lubricants

  • Freely programmable switch-on and switch-off points with window function
  • Units with scalable analogue output and additional overflow alarm
  • Clearly visible LED display
  • Level and temperature monitoring with just one unit
  • Optional: two configurable switching outputs for leakage detection

Use in applications with coolants, cleaning agents and lubricants

The level sensors of the LK series provide reliable level detection in vessels and tanks. They are for example used to continuously measure the fill level of coolant containers or hydraulic reservoirs. The sensor displays the current level and signals via two switching outputs that the set limits have been reached or that the level is below the set limit. Setting to the medium to be measured and adjustment of the switch-on and switch-off points and switching functions of the outputs is simple thanks to the intuitive user menu. The sensors are available with three different probe lengths. The immersion depth is easily adjusted using the optional screw-in or flange adapters. The LK12 series is approved to the German Federal Water Act (WHG) section 19.

IFM Level sensor - Modular transmitter concept

  • Versions with two or four switching outputs or analogue output
  • Intuitive, user-friendly handling
  • Clearly visible LED display
  • Probe lengths up to 160 cm
  • Adaptation to different container heights through shortening of the probe

Modular probe concept

The level sensor operates to the principle of guided wave radar and measures the level using electromagnetic pulses in the nanosecond range. It is suitable for continuous level monitoring of almost all liquids, including aqueous media, coolants, cleaning liquids and oils. The sensor is directly mounted in the tank using a process connection or flange plate. If necessary, the probe can be easily shortened and adapted to the tank by the user. Setting of all parameters as well as programming of the switch points and indication of the current level are carried out via programming buttons and a 4-digit alphanumeric display. The sensor can also be configured via IO-Link, e.g. using a USB interface. The LINERECORDER SENSOR software is used to visualise, transfer and archive parameter sets.