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Hengstler is a leading European manufacturer of industrial components for counting and control applications. We are authorized Hengstler distributor of Hengstler in India, we supply products like Hengstler Encoder, Hengstler Counter, Hengstler Relays, Hengstler printers in India

Hengstler Encoder

Technology and flexibility are key characteristics of our incremental and absolute rotary encoder series ICURO and ACURO. Monolithically integrated opto-ASICS will reliably replace up to 200 SMD components.

Absolute rotary encoders

HENGSTLER's ACURO absolute rotary encoders offer innovative engineering, easy operation and optimised functional dependability

Incremental encoders

From cost-aware standard types through to extremely robust heavy-duty products, HENGSTLER can supply the right incremental

Sin/Cos rotary encoders

Accurate sinewave rotary encoders by HENGSTLER are a preferred choice in drives with high dynamics thanks to their low harmonic


Brushless resolvers are the ideal rotor position indicators for the position feedback of brushless motors, robots or direct

Hengstler Counters

We supply these Hengstler Copy Counters in india. Whether you use electronic, electromechanical, mechanical or pneumatic counters, the devices available have been designed to meet your requirements. Our range extends from mini-counters through to sophisticated, programmable control counters, multifunction counters, position displays, displays, tachometers and timers.

Hengstler Totalizing counters

Totalizing counters tend to be used to register the number of events and display the result as a digital numerical value. The key...

Hengstler Preset counters

Preset counters are counters with controller functions. The numerous different versions available make it possible to meet the...

Hengstler Multifunctional counters

Multifunctional counters offer a broad range of basic functionality such as counters, tachometers, timers, shift counters, section ...

Hengstler Time counters

Time counters display the duty cycle of installations, machines and appliances. They provide information on the expiry times of ...

Hengstler Relays

To ensure that our relays as used in your applications carry on doing their job reliably for years, the quality of products bearing the HENGSTLER name is the highest priority. All our locations are certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, and the entire product range is, as you would expect, in conformity with RoHS and REACH regulations.

Hengstler Safety relays

For decades, HENGSTLER has been intensively involved in matters relating to forcibly guided, or captive, contacts and, as a ...

Hengstler High-voltage relays

With over 50 years' experience in the field of high-voltage relays, HENGSTLER can provide numerous solutions for a wide range of ...

Mains isolation relay

Isolating high switching loads is a tough challenge that has been around as long as there have been relays. If, on top of that, ...


Hengstler RI58-O/1000EG.43KB522584
Hengstler AR62/U024FL.72A4B:6498VZ6498
HengstlerCable S21 KPL 0,5M1548003
Hengstler Hour Meter 37×24 5-30 VDC 636001
HengstlerTime Counter 12-36 DC 7ST RO screw with DIN891331
Hengstler Time Counter 230/50 7ST RO screw terminal 891211
HengstlerSEALING 48X48X1 2405233
HengstlerFront Side Frame 48X48 MM 2405219
HengstlerPanel Frame Dia- Ï•58 MM2405224
Hengstler SEALING D 58X12405236