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Fork sensor

Fork and angle sensors

Fork sensors India

Fork sensors (slot sensors) are U and L shaped through-beam object detecting sensors that have the transmitter and receiver built into the opposing "fork" arms of the sensor housing.

Fork sensors (also called slot sensors) use through-beam photoelectric technology to detect objects passing through the slot. The rugged one-piece housing keeps the emitter and receiver in alignment and a convenient, single-cable connection is provided. A variety of light sources are available for specialty sensing applications, with sensing distances up to 220mm.

Industrial applications of Push Button Swtiches

Packaging Applications Wood Processing Print Industry
Paper Industry Food Industry Beverage Industry

How Push Button Switch Function

Fork sensors function according to the through-beam principle. The transmitter is located in one arm of the fork and transmits its light to the receiver directly opposite in the other fork arm. Thus a great advantage of fork sensors is that the transmitter and the receiver no longer need to be aligned.

Brands provide Push Button Swtiches

ICK fork sensors combine senders and receivers in a single housing, meaning that they can be adjusted quickly. Thanks to the precise, focused light beam and the high detection accuracy,

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Slot sensors are used when only a short sensing distance is needed. Slot sensors, also called fork type sensors, have the advantage

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The multi-talents for precise and universal position sensing, distance and fullness measurement

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Photoelectric fork and angle sensors are used for the detection of very small objects and for counting tasks in feeding, assembly and handling applications.

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