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Euchner MGB-L1H-ARA-R-122236 (ORDER NO. 122236)

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Euchner MGB-L1H-ARA-R-122236 (ORDER NO. 122236)

Euchner MGB-L1H-ARA-R-122236 (ORDER NO. 122236)

Euchner Supplier

  • Guard locking with guard lock monitoring
  • Can be connected in series with other AR devices (e.g. CES-AR and CET-AR)
  • Emergency stop according to ISO 13850
  • 3 pushbuttons (illuminated, gn, ye, wh and printed)
  • With cable entry
  • Unicode

Guard locking type

MGB-L1...The locking arm is held in the locked position by spring force and is unlocked by solenoid force (closed-circuit current principle, mechanically locked).

Door stop

A mechanical door stop is permanently integrated into the evaluation module of the MGB. A marking on the stop makes adjustment easier.

LED indicator

The LED indicator indicates all important system and status information.

Monitoring outputs

ODON when the door is closed
OTBolt tongue inserted into the evaluation module
OLGuard locking solenoid in locked position
OIDiagnostics; there is a fault

Emergency stop device

S12 positively driven contacts and 1 NO contact (e.g. monitoring contact), emergency stop with turn-to-reset, not illuminated


S21 NO contact, illuminated and printed
S31 NO contact, illuminated and printed
S41 NO contact, illuminated and printed
Housing material
Housing Reinforced plastic, die-cast zinc nickel-plated, stainless steel
Net 1,00 kg
Ambient temperature -20 ... 55 °C
Degree of protection IP65
Installation orientation Door hinge DIN right