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Dynapar India

Dynapar encoder, Dynapar absolute encoder, Resolver India

Dynapar formerly known as a Danaher Controls, We are Dynapar Authorized Distributors in India, we supply Dynapar encoder, Dynapar absolute encoder,Dynapar resolver.

Resolver India | Dynapar rotary encoder and resolver

Dynapar rotary encoder and resolver solutions are used worldwide in a variety of industries such as Medical, Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Packaging, Robotics, Paper and Steel, to name a few. Dynapar's vast product portfolio offers a wide selection of incremental and absolute rotary encoders engineered with cutting edge optical or magnetic technology, brushed and frameless resolvers, and accessories. Dynapar offers a wide variety of optical or magnetic shaft encoders and resolvers, as well as any resolver or encoder product your particular application may require

Dynapar Incremental Encoders

Incremental encoders provide speed, direction and relative position feedback by generating a stream of binary pulses proportional to the rotation of a motor or driven shaft. Dynapar offers both optical and magnetic incremental encoders in 4 mounting options: shafted with coupling, hollow-shaft, hub-shaft or bearingless. Single channel incremental encoders can measure speed which dual channel or quadrature encoders (AB) can interpret direction based on the phase relationship between the 2 channels. Indexed quadrature encoders (ABZ) are also available for homing location are startup.

Hollow Shaft Incremental Encoders

Dynapar offers a wide range of hollow-shaft incremental encoders with bore sizes of 0.25 to 2.875 inches and resolution up to 5000 PPR.

Shafted Incremental Encoders

See all shafted incremental encoders and encoders with integrated couplings with shaft sizes ranging from 0.125 to 0.625 inches.

Hub-Shaft Incremental Encoders

View all hub-shaft incremental encoders offering simplified installation and several tether options in bore sizes from 0.25 to 0.75 inches.

Bearingless incremental Encoders

Bearingless incremental encoders offer reliable feedback via a wheel and sensor design for maximum life in tough applications.

Dynapar Absolute Encoders

Absolute Encoders India

Absolute rotary encoders measure actual position by generating unique digital codes or bits (instead of pulses) that represent the encoder's actual position. Single turn absolute encoders output codes that are repeated every full revolution and do not output data to indicate how many revolutions have been made. Multi-turn absolute encoders output a unique code for each shaft position through every rotation, up to 4,096 revolutions. Unlike incremental encoders, absolute encoders will retain correct position even if power fails without homing at startup.

Dynapar Shafted Absolute Encoders

View all shafted absolute encoders that can be mounted with a coupling to a motor or driven shaft. Single and multi-turn encoders available.

Dynapar Hub-Shaft Absolute Encoders

Dynapar offers a wide range of hub-shaft absolute encoders with bore sizes of 0.25 to 0.5 inches and several tether options available.

Dynapar Hollow- Shaft Absolute Encoders

See all hollow-shaft absolute encoders for mounting directly to a motor shaft. Up to 22 bit single and 12 bit multi-turn available.

Dynapar Optical Absolute Encoders

Dynapar offers reliable optical absolute encoders with high resolution for applications requiring precision feedback.

Dynapar Resolvers

Resolvers are electromechanical devices that convert mechanical motion into an electronic signal. Being analog devices, resolvers have no onboard electronics making them ideal for high shock, vibration and other harsh environments. Harowe offers frameless resolvers also known as servo resolvers or pancake resolvers consisting of a rotor assembly that is shaft mounted and a stator assembly that is mounted to the customer's device or housing as well as shafted housed resolvers with flange, servo groves and c-face mounts.

Dynapar Housed Resolvers

Heavy duty housed resolvers can withstand high temp, shock and vibration and are available in size 11 and 25.

Dynapar Frameless Resolvers

Harowe offers a wide range of frameless resolvers ranging from size 10 to size 55. Radiation hardened resolvers are also available.

Dynapar 56 C-Face and Foot Mount Housed Resolver

Designed as a suitable replacement for Reliance Automax Resolvers, the R56 offers fast lead times and reliable performance.