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Bernstein Sensor

Supplier for Bernstein Sensor

We are Bernstein Supplier for Sensors & Switch. BERNSTEIN AG is a leader in the development, production and distribution of electronic and electromechanical systems and components for industrial automation.

Bernstein Switch Systems

Bernstein electromechanic switches are characterized by a convincing price-performance ratio and by a high reliability at different stages of voltage. The products range from plastic-bodied limit switches, metal-bodied limit switches and foot switches to safety switching devices. The AS-i compatible switches reduce time and costs in reference with the assembly, the materials and the operation. A vast range of types, sizes, switching functions and actuators allow nearly every application.

Bernstein Position Switches and Safety Switches

Bernstein Safety Switches with separate actuator

Bernstein Switches with Interlock

Bernstein Switches for hinged applications

Bernstein Sensor systems

Depending on your application you can choose between inductive, capacitive or magnetic sensors. In addition to this wide-ranging program of standard sensors BERNSTEIN also develops individual solutions which are designed for your specific application.

Bernstein Inductive Sensors

Bernstein Capacitive Sensors

Bernstein Magnetic Switches / Magnetic Sensors

Bernstein Contactless Safety Technology

Bernstein Enclosure Systems

With its long tradition in manufacturing enclosures, BERNSTEIN combines superior enclosure technology, designed for encapsulating a diverse range of applications, with modern and variable suspension systems. An extensive range of aluminium and plastic terminal boxes as well as the wiring and circuitry in standard and control enclosures conforming to specific customer requirements round off the product portfolio.

Bernstein System solutions

Bernstein Enclosures

Bernstein Suspension systems

Bernstein Stainless steel