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Lenoard + Bauer

Render Technology Solutions deal with all kinds of Lenoard + Bauer in India

Lenord + Bauer deals with integrating sensors and actuators efficiently, converting signals intelligently into value-added functions and making them available interactively. Lenord + Bauer turn data flows into exploitable information right where they arise, making integration into your system environment intuitively possible. Put your confidence in the specialists for motion sensors and integrated drive technology.

Lenord + Bauer Sensors

For heavy-duty applications

Lenord + Bauer Sensors provides robust speed, vibration and temperature sensors deliver reliable information about the condition of your system, enabling you to detect malfunctions at an early stage and avoid unplanned downtimes. Alternatively, you can use a CombiCODER to acquire rotational speed, temperature and acceleration in a single pick-up encoder if the installation space is tight.

Lenord + Bauer is an internationally active specialist for motion sensors. Lenord + Bauer is the right partner for you when it comes to integrating sensors and actuators efficiently. Put your trust in wear-free, long-lasting sensors, which adapt to your particular application. Lenord + Bauer have the appropriate certified solutions!

  • Our speed sensors detect rotational and linear motion of a measuring scale that is structurally separated from the sensor like target wheels or measuring rods. Thanks to the magnetic sensing principle they are particularly suited for continuous operation in durable capital goods. Additonally they are also protected against extreme weather conditions, humidity, shock, and vibration due to an encapsulation process and specially developed production methods. Thus they are in compliance with DIN EN 50155 and meet the requirements of protection class up to IP 68.

    You need a customised product version? By adapting the housing, or different cable and plug fabrication, we can implement almost any installation position. Depending on requirement, the sensors generate single or multi-channel square-wave signals - alternatively as voltage or current signal - ranging from 0 to 25 kHz. A standstill signal can also be implemented. On customer request we also produce, for instance, ATEX-protected product variants, special output signals for functional testing, and sensors with integrated pulse division or pulse multiplication.
  • Conventional thermometers measure the temperature by means of length or volume change of a material, and are only suitable as display instrument. Our temperature sensors ​​​​​​​use resistance thermometers that feature an almost temperature-linear resistance curve, and output the resulting measurement data as electrical signal.

    They are suitable for a measurement range from -40 °C to +250 °C. A thin stainless steel tube protects the electronics from dirt, humidity and corrosion, allowing the sensors to meet the requirements of protection class IP 68. The sensors are in compliance with fire protection standards EN 45545 and are type-tested according to EN 50155.
  • Our acceleration sensors are mainly used to measure the tower oscillation of wind turbines. Even though conventional, mechanical oscillation sensors provide reliable measurement in the high frequency range, they experience problems with low frequencies as produced in wind turbines. For this reason, our tower oscillation monitors work with micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS), which acquire oscillations in a frequency range of 0 to 10 Hz. They are extremely robust, dew-point resistant, and in accordance with IP 67. The sensors are not subject to ageing, and provide wear-free and maintenance-free operation.

Lenord + Bauer MiniCODER

Small, flexible, robust and without integral bearing

The compact, high-resolution MiniCODERs have proven their value for speed and position acquisition in highly dynamic applications. They use their full potential when installation situations with little space require a particularly compact, robust and reliable measuring system. The magnetic measuring systems consist of a ferromagnetic target wheel and a scanning unit. Without dedicated bearings, they are completely wear-free and maintenance-free. The optimised circuit and screening technique, and fully encapsulated electronics ensure reliable operation even in harsh environments.

  • High measuring accuracy and compact design have made MiniCODERs the most frequently used speed sensors in high-speed spindles in the world. More than 500,000 pieces are installed, among other things, in machines for high-speed cutting. They are suitable for speed and position detection in all highly dynamic applications and offer now also digital motorfeedback
  • offer individually developed MiniCODERs according to your requirements as well as precise target wheels with individual inside diameters. Choose features from our modular MiniCODER system such as output signal, target wheel module, design and interface and assemble your own bearing-less encoder kit.
  • Lenord + Bauer have already implemented the „Industry 4.0“ market requirements in our MiniCODER family. Based on integrated microprocessors, the new MiniCODER generation sets new standards in communication and data preparation.

    You would like to program various parameters via wireless communication? Then use the test and programming device. An operating hours counter for different speed ranges is integrated - the evaluation and monitoring is comfortable and very simple.

Lenord + Bauer Encoders

Wear and maintenance-free

Encoders convert rotational movement into electrical signals. Our encoders combine the benefits of a magnetic measuring system with a robust mechanical design. They have proven themselves in a wide variety of applications across the world, even in the harshest of industrial environments. It goes without saying that these encoders offer high reliability and a long service life.

Our encoders have been proven worldwide in demanding applications like harsh industrial environment. They provide exact measurement data even under changes in ambient temperature, fluctuations in humidity, strong vibrations, and condensation. This, however, requires some additional product characteristics such as protective coatings, encapsulation, or condensed water outlet.

  • Our magnetic incremental encoders scan a target wheel that is installed in the housing. In this way they generate two signals with a 90 degree phase displacement; direction of rotation, angle movement, distance, and speed can be derived from the signals. After connection to the power supply, incremental rotary encoders basically measure only the difference between reference and starting position. If the rotary encoder is equipped with a separate signal output for a zero index, it is also possible to determine the position via a reference search routine. The magnetic sensors work completely wear- and maintenance-free and deliver analogue HTL, TTL or speed signals. The measurement resolution is up to 266,240 increments per turn.
  • If absolute position values are needed, we recommend our magnetic absolute rotary encoders. We manufacture redundant rotary encoders with integrated resolver. These are, for example, the series GEL 2037. The objective of redundant measuring systems is to increase a system's functional reliability and safeguarding against failures.