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HAEHNE offers a wide range of load cells in the field of force measurement technology: force sensors (compression, pressure and ring force sensors), force measuring bolts, force transducers (tensile and compressive force) and mobile force measuring devices.

Haehne Force Measurement

HAEHNE covers the broad field of force transducers such as force measurement bolts, load pins and load cells in the manifold forms as tension sensors in the lifting equipment as well as precise pressure force sensors for joining in the assembly. Ring force sensors, for example, in Roll Coaters allow precise control of the contact pressure rollers. Portable force gauges are designed for the measurement of nip forces in calenders.

Force Measurement Bolts

The load pin KMB was specifically developed for the detection of tension and compression forces, for example, in clevises, pulleys and bearings in components (e.g. straps and hooks). They have many applications in logistics, manufacturing automation and mechanical and plant engineering.

Tension and Compression Force Sensors

With compression force load cells relatively large forces can be accurately measured within confined spaces – referring to diameter and height. But they are also available in miniature design for detecting very small forces in equally small spaces.

Ring Force Sensors

Force measurement rings measure medium and high compression forces with high precision. In particular, ring force sensors are suitable for use in conjunction with through shafts, for example in roll coating lines. But they are also used to measure the tightening of screws, in cutting tools or generally in press and assembly applications.

Portable Force Measurement Instruments

For mobile measurement tasks HAEHNE has developed a special force sensor to measure the forces between rolls (also referred to as nip force measurement). But also many other load cells from the HAEHNE product program can be used for portable or mobile force monitoring. With a battery-powered amplifier, the forces can be very conveniently measured.